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Religion Case Study:

Religion is a special form of the world view, which is based on the faith in the supernatural powers, and includes a set of moral values and types of behavior, rituals and gathering of people into the organizations (a church, a religious community, etc.). People have always believed that some supernatural powers and creatures created the world, and all the people, animals, birds and the objects of nature are the results of their creation. Every religion is based on the opposition of the real world or the world of the live and the world which waits people after their death. The explanation of this opposition is very simple, because the world people live in is full of evil, stress and difficulties and people have always wanted to escape into the better world and religion gives them such a possibility claiming that after death everyone will have a better life.

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Some religions do not promise a better life but just say that the life will be different from the present one. There are five key religions in the world which gather an enormous number of adherents: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Chinese folk religion and Buddhism. Religion is quite an controversial topic for discussion, because a great number of people do not accept any type of religion claiming that every religious organization is simply an excellent way to earn money, rule people and hide the truth from them. No wonder, on the basis of religion there always have been military conflicts, violence and crimes. In order to reduce the number of such incidents religion does not play any role in the political activity of the countries and every person is free to choose any religion she wants.

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