Case Study on OCD

OCD Case Study:

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is the psychological disorder which is characterized with the constant condition of fear and stress and repeated actions which are supposed to help the person get rid of the fear. The typical symptom of the people suffering from OCD is the set of the obsessive thoughts about some processes, events, objects, etc. People can worry about dust believing it can cause some diseases and danger and clean their home several times per day in order to make it shining and completely clean. The same problem is with hand washing. It is considered to be the most widespread symptom of OCD, because many people are afraid of bacteria and viruses and wash hands very often to keep them clean. They clean hands having played with their cat, having touched the door handle, etc.

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The people who suffer from the disorder try to protect themselves from the “dangerous” objects with the help of the special rituals. For example, people, who are afraid of robbery after closing the door, try where they have locked the door pulling the door handle a definite number of times. During this process they count how many times they have pulled the handle. Some people believe that definite words will help them get rid of the fear or the problem and they repeat them leaving home or doing some important thing. Having conducted the ritual the person feels relief, but after some time everything starts again and she repeats it all day long. It is proved that the most common targets of OCD are the people, whose IQ is very high. Very often intelligent people are too tired that the stress influences the work of their brain causing the disorder.

OCD is quite an annoying disorder, which makes the life of the patient and his family complicated. A student writing a case study about the disorder will need to research its nature, find out its symptoms, factors which cause it. Investigating the case itself, one will need to understand the reasons which cause the disorder, weigh its consequences and effect on the organism and people around. A student will need to interview the doctors, the patient to see the disorder with his own eyes and be able to describe it in the paper and suggest methods which will be helpful to cure the disorder.

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