Case Study on Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders Case Study:

Personality disorders are the psychological disorders and conditions and behavioural types which have the tendency to stability and influence the individual’s lifestyle, behaviour and attitude towards himself and surrounding people. Some types of these conditions and disorders appear in the process of the human development in childhood and as a result of the outer factors of the environment. Moreover, such forms of behaviour appear in the process of the social development.

The normal condition of the human behaviour was described by psychologists years ago and it is possible to recognize the disorder and various alterations in the behaviour easily. Personality disorders are characterized with the change of the regular behavioural norms and are followed by the personal and social disintegration.

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Personality disorders are the disorders which are associated with disorders which have been caused by different factors: genetic and outer ones. Very often personality disorders appear because of the injures of the human brain. The injures of the particular parts of the brain cause different disorders. Moreover, the injure can be of the physical nature, a hit, an accident, etc or the impact of the medicine which causes harm to the regular functioning of the brain. Brains are also influenced by the natural factors, like aging and the personality disorders of this type are quite specific. Psychology is an extremely broad discipline which studies the peculiarities of the work of the human brain. Everyone is a personality, so every psychological disorder has a close connection with personality disorders, because every problem influences the human social life and self-consciousness altering the personality.

Personality disorders can be called a very broad and complicated topic for the research and the student has to devote too much time to understand the issues in the proper way. Fortunately, a case study is often a definite problem on the definite patient, so the student will have to analyze less information. The young professional is expected to observe the problem in detail and learn about the cause of the chosen personality disorders and see their effect on the human health and social life. Having evaluated the whole information about the patient, the student is asked to solve the problem well and suggest the best therapies for the treatment of the personality disorders.

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