Case Study on Office Etiquette

Office Etiquette Case Study:

Office etiquette is the set of the informal rules which have to be followed by every employee who works at an office and wants to reach to the success in his work. Office etiquette does not differ from the original general rules and principles of etiquette but still has its own original forms and aspects. The starting point of the appropriate behaviour at an office is characterized with the constant attention to the duties and respect to all the co-workers. The employee must not spend too much time chatting in Facebook, especially when there is a special meeting, conversation with the client and other employee.

This activity steals attention and shows disrespect towards the client. Then, one must not talk over the telephone at work and gossip about other people, because if the boss, co-workers or clients see a chattering employee, that will not treat him seriously and will probably try to apply to another clerk.

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Appearance is a very important issue at an office, because one must not show off and put on the clothes which differ from the rest of the employees. There is a certain dress code which should be followed strictly for the quality of the work and peace in the office. Finally, if the employee is not satisfied with his workplace, he must not show it openly and look for another job during his work, because it will affect the quality of the recommendation and feedback of the boss about the employee’s work if he decides to change the workplace. If one quits the job, he should still respect the staff and remain friends with the employer.

Office etiquette is a set of the non-written norms which ought to be followed by every employee who wants to avoid problems in the workplace. The case on office etiquette can be researched on the example of the definite problem which has occurred in a certain firm. The student is asked to analyze the activity of employees at the office, evaluate their behaviour and dwell on the evaluation of their quality of work, behaviour and working atmosphere. It is important to find the answer to the question how office etiquette influences the quality of the work and how the situation can be changed for the better.

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