Case Study on Racial Discrimination

Racial Discrimination Case Study:

Racial discrimination or racism is the worldview which is based on the belief that certain types of the human races are more developed and have wider cultural and intellectual opportunities to build the human civilization. Racism is the eternal problem of the human society and it always existed and was the reason of numerous international conflicts. Naturally, all people are different and they do not want to accept the individuals who differ on the basis of their ethnic, cultural identities and religious preferences.

Racial discrimination still exists all over the world, even in the developed countries which are famous for their high level of tolerance and education. Speaking about different countries, the examples of racism are completely different. The most classic example of racism is connected with the history of the USA and the practice of slavery which existed till the middle of the 19th century.

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African-Americans were discriminated seriously and did not have any rights to develop their personalities, but the situation changed in the middle of the 20th century and the problem there does not exist anymore. Racial discrimination of the white people is a widespread problem in the eastern countries and South Africa, were the representatives of this race are severely prosecuted and the cases of crimes on the racial basis are quite frequent there. Racial discrimination is a negative policy of the totalitarian countries of the beginning of the 20th century, like the fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, which focused their ideas on the basis of racism. Nowadays, the problem of racial discrimination is solved on paper (racial discrimination is considered to be a crime everywhere) but on practice the problem still exists and requires rapid and effective solutions.

Racial discrimination is a shame of the human society and this problem should be defeated. A good racial discrimination case study should explain the source and danger of the problem and present a detailed analysis of the direct topic. A student is supposed to collect information about the case of racial discrimination in the direct place, analyze it and draw the right conclusions and professional solutions of the case. One should focus on the cause and effect of the racial discrimination and suggest the appropriate methods to cope with the given problem.

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