Case Study on Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive Pollution Case Study:

Radioactive pollution is a serious problem which originated in the middle of the 20th century, when the humanity revealed the power of nuclear energy and weapon. Radioactive pollution can be of two kinds: natural and anthropogenic. The natural source of radioactive pollution is the Sun and the certain elements which can be found in the bowels of the Earth: carbon, radon, uranium, etc.

Of course, this type of pollution is extremely little and it can not cause the negative impact on the natural environment, so the problem is completely different and originates from the harmful activity of the human beings. People require more and more energy for various purposes and the cheapest way to achieve it is the nuclear power stations which produce energy using the radioactive elements. Evidently, this process is quite dangerous for the environment, especially the radioactive wastes which remain after the production.

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The wastes are seldom utilized and the majority of them are simply poured into the seas and oceans contaminating the water and the animals and fish living there. People get contaminated when they consume the polluted water and fish and risk their life and health. The use of the nuclear weapon is also very dangerous for the environment, because one explosion can destroy everything in the area of its application. Animals, plants, people, buildings – everything becomes destroyed at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, the radioactive elements are transmitted by wind to the areas which lie far from the explosion. Unfortunately, the world still develops nuclear arms and every year its power is becoming greater.

Radioactive pollution is dangerous for the human health, because it is the main cause of cancer and various diseases affecting heart, bones, muscles, etc. so the problem is worth investigation. If a student wants to complete a successful radioactive pollution case study, he will have to research the case site attentively and collect many facts about the problem in order to manage to conclude and solve it well. It is important to learn about the reason and consequences of the radioactive pollution in the definite case and on the basis of the collected facts suggest the best solutions to the problem.

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