Case Study on Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising Case Study:

Radio advertising is the process of promotion of goods, services and firms which produce them through the radio. Radio is the second after press means of mass media which appeared in the end of the 19th century and in the first part of the 20th century radio was popular all over the world.

First of all radio fulfilled the role of the news supplier and entertainer and very soon it began to fulfill the commercial role advertising goods and services maintaining the developing process of mass production and retail trade. Radio advertising exists for more than a century and the principle of advertising has not changed seriously. There have been lots of investigations on the matter of radio advertising which were based on the economic and psychological factors. With the rapid development of the capitalistic economy the number of firms increased constantly and as a result the necessity and popularity of the radio increased in the same tempo.

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The number of radio ads increased gradually and with the run of time radio stations started to devote time every hour directly to commercials. Nowadays the blocks of commercials are provided every 15 minutes. A radio station receives the money (generally cash) from various firms and advertises their production in the briefest way. Another way of advertising is the sponsorship of the certain radio programmes by the definite firms which are mentioned very often with the interval. The majority of radio stations exist only due to commercials, so they try to attract as many firms as possible to accumulate capital and broaden the activity of the station and creating new and new programmes and inviting interesting guests for the radio interviews.

Radio advertising is an interesting topic for the research, because the student learns about various means of advertising and reveals the techniques of the appropriate functioning of radio advertising, its structure, history, functions, methods and aims.

The young person can observe the issue on the example of the definite radio station and study the schedule of the broadcasting of commercials, the types of commercials and the way of the financing of the radio station. The student is able to evaluate the cause and effect of the matter and the specific organization of the selected manner of radio advertising and suggest the alternative solutions to the existing problem.

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