Case Study on Personality Types

Personality Types Case Study:

Personality types are the different types of the human behaviour, self-consciousness, courage and other traits which divide people into the special groups and categories possessing the common features. It is obvious that everyone is a unique personality with the unique appearance and inner world, but is has been proved that there are certain definite types of personality with which everyone can associate himself.

It is obvious that personality types is quite a complicated and abstract topic, no wonder there are many theories which try to explain this issue in the appropriate way. The most common understanding of the types of personality is the division of people into the two main categories: introverts and extraverts. Introverts are the individuals who prefer hiding their emotions in their inner world, they communicate little but listen to a lot.

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The majority of introverts are romantic people with the rich imagination and it is not a problem for them to remain alone for the long period of time. Extraverts are the individuals who are supposed to be the bright souls, enjoying communicating a lot and they are treated like the hearts and souls of every company. They enjoy speaking but can not listen to attentively being dynamic, spontaneous and energetic. The more developed theory on personality types is related with the division of people into the certain groups on temperament. There are four main temperaments every of which possesses its own characteristics, strong and weak sides: sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic. The first three types are supposed to be the strong types and the last melancholic type is understood as the weak type of the personality.

Personality types is an interesting topic for the research, because the student learns about the psychological and behavioural differences between people and understands the cause of these differences. The student is able to research the suggested case in detail and pay attention to the major issue given for the analysis. One should focus on the theories of personality types, pick the most widespread and well-known ones and observe them from all sides. The student has the task to find out about the cause and effect of the definite personality types and suggest his personal solutions and recommendations concerning them.

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