Case Study on Rational Emotive Therapy

Rational Emotive Therapy Case Study:

Rational emotive therapy is the trend in psychological therapy and psychological consulting suggested by Albert Ellis in 1955, which aimed at the change of the understanding of the cause of the psychological disorders in the specific way. According to rational emotive therapy the patient has a disorder not because he has gone through the certain problem in his life and not because of the serious negative life experience, but because of the irrational cognitive processes (ideas, belief, false understanding, fears, etc.).

The patient suffers from a disorder, his behaviour and emotions are altered, because he just believes that the behaviour of the regular type would be harmful for him. The purpose of rational emotive therapy is to destroy the irrationals beliefs of the patient and change his worldview and attitude towards the surrounding world.

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The core of the therapy is the special model called briefly ABC. A is – activating events which are understood as the events, processes, thoughts, feelings, behaviour connected with the events, recollection about the previous life experience. But it is obvious that A are just activators. All the problems appear because of the fact that everyone introduces into the sphere of A his own understanding, ideas, beliefs (B), predisposition, opinion, etc. As a result B leads to the definite C – consequences. It is natural that rational point of view leads to the constructive behaviour, while the irrational opinions cause the destructive and irrational behaviour. All the components: A, B and C are closely connected with one another and none of them can exist separately. So, the aim of rational emotive therapy is to change A or to persuade the patient that his B cause the irrational C.

Rational emotive therapy is the useful therapy which is aimed at the improvement of the patient’s emotional condition, behaviour and worldview. The student is asked to observe the usefulness of the therapy on practice on the definite example of suggested by the teacher. One is expected to pay attention to the peculiarities of the case, study the patient’s disorder and learn about its cause.

After that one can dwell on the consequences of the problem and see how the rational emotive therapy helps or fails to help the patient with the disorder. Finally, one can suggest his own solution to the treatment of the chosen psychological disorder.

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