Case Study on School Leadership

School Leadership Case Study:

School leadership is the complex of actions which are applied for the appropriate organization of the educational institution, recruitment of the teaching staff, the improvement of the quality of education and supply of the school with the necessary equipment. School leadership is associated with the principal of the school who is supposed to maintain the improvement of the educational process, the right condition of the school building, etc.

The school leader is supposed to be aware about the problems of the educational system, he has to possess experience in the field of education and he should possess the knowledge of a psychologist in order to be able to communicate with people. The leader is expected to be sociable, he should manage the conflicts, evaluate the condition and the quality of education, he should know how to cope with difficult children and what schedule is the most appropriate for every group of students.

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The school leader must not keep to the authoritarian policy of management, because he is not able to cope with all the problems alone. So, the leader should share his duties with the active representatives of the teaching staff, students and their parents. Together under the facilitation of the school leader all the chosen people would be able to improve the quality of school education and supply the school with the necessary equipment. The spectrum of duties of the school leader is focused on the organizational work: the energy and water supply, the creation of the schedule, the improvement of the working conditions for students and teachers, the teacher’s salary, the struggle for grants, financial aid, etc.

The issue on school leadership is quite important for the research, because every school requires an experienced and talented leader who would work hard on its improvement. Nowadays many schools remain in the poor condition and their organization is a real failure. The student is able to observe the definite case about a school and its leader in order to understand whether the school leadership is on the appropriate level or requires improvement. The case should be evaluated from all possible sides and one should pay attention to the cause and effect of the existing problems and think about the possible solutions to them.

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