Case Study on Recent Tsunami

Recent Tsunami Case Study:

One of the most serious and ruining tsunamis occurred in Japan in 2011 and it is called T?hoku earthquake and tsunami. The cause of the tsunami was the earthquake which occurred in the Pacific Ocean about 130 km from the coast of Japan. The magnitude of the earthquake was 9.0, no wonder that such an earthquake was followed by the enormous tsunami. The powerful earthquake was followed by tsunami the waves of which reached up to 40 metres and destroyed everything on their way. The whole east coast of Japan was seriously ruined and devastated. The first waves took thousands of the human lives and more than 10 thousand people are still not found. The tsunami damaged numerous cities and towns, destroyed roads and the Japanese ports and fleet. The international airports were also damaged. Probably the most serious consequence of the tsunami was the damage of the atomic power plant. The plant was damaged seriously and the accident could cause the ecological disaster.

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It is obvious that such a sudden destruction of infrastructure of many cities left the country without electricity and energy supply. One of the serious effects of the earthquake and tsunami was the damage of the Fujinuma irrigation dam which was ruined and flooded vast areas and leaving many people without water supply. Briefly, T?hoku earthquake and tsunami cause the enormous damage to the whole country and its economics, industry, communications, defence, transportation, and other branches. In order to help Japan cope with the disaster, the global community devoted financial and material aid to restore the country and provide the victims with shelter and the products of the basic needs.

Then the student is asked to prepare a constructive case study about the tsunami which has occurred recently, he should pay attention to the most devastating and serious tsunamis of the recent years – T?hoku tsunami caused by the earthquake. One should dwell on the research of the case from all sides and learn about the reasons of the tsunami. After that one has to read a lot about its consequences which are really terrific and massive. The young professional is asked to observe the case in detail, analyze the losses and suggest the best methods which can be used to restore the situation.

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