Case Study on Share Market

Share Market Case Study:

Share market is the part of the capital market, where emission, purchase and sale of securities is conducted. Share market is an abstract place which provides sellers and buyers with the opportunity to operate securities but it can not be confused with the stock exchange where sellers and buyers sell and purchase securities and fulfill various financial operations. Share markets fulfill many functions: they regulate the sphere of currency circulation and crediting; maintain the interchange of the capital between the spheres and departments of economics; facilitate the distribution of the capital of corporations and control over their activity; they attract capital and make sure it is used effectively; fulfills the informational function providing the interested sides with the facts about the move of the private capitals. There are many types of share markets which play different roles.

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According to the sphere of activity and area of their functioning share markets are divided into global, international, national, regional and local.

According to the stage of circulation they are divided into the markets of the primary and secondary circulation. The primary share markets control the sale and purchase of the recently produced securities and secondary markets embrace all kinds of securities. According to the organization of the secondary markets they are divided into stock exchange and street markets. Finally, according to the kind of property share markets are divided into corporate (produced by the legal entity); municipal (produced by the local authorities); state (securities produced by the state).

Share market is a useful topic for the analysis, because the global economics and business is concentrated in share markets. These institutions regulate the existence and functioning of securities of all kinds and every intelligent person is supposed to know about the structure and functions of the markets. The student is asked to complete a good share market case study in order to demonstrate his knowledge and critical thinking skills. He can pay attention to the definite case associated with share market and analyze its structure, type, the kind of securities he controls, the participants of the market and the functions which are fulfilled there. The young professional is able to dwell on the cause and effect of the problems on the share market and try to solve them in the appropriate way.

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