Case Study on Respiratory System

Respiratory System Case Study:

Respiratory system is the set of organs which enable gas exchange in the human body supporting the life of the organism. All mammals including people live only due to the proper function of the respiratory system. The main organs of the system are lungs. A human being breathes in the air which includes oxygen essential for our life and breathes out carbon dioxide and other gases from the organism. The gas exchange occurs in human blood during the biological and physical processes of diffusion.

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Respiratory system, as well as other systems support human body in good working order and the slightest complication or error in the system can cause much harm.

Today there are many factors which affect badly human respiratory system. First of all it is the unhealthy environment. Because of harmful human activity the air becomes intoxicated with chemicals, industrial wastes and becomes poor in oxygen. No wonder, people, who live in industrial area have a range of diseases of the respiratory system. Children often suffer from asthma or lack of oxygen. The common problem of such areas is tuberculosis, which can even cause death.

Human respiratory system is a complex device which should be protected carefully, but with the intensive human activity the environment becomes unhealthy, what as a result affects human health seriously. Students from high school, college and university should be aware of the composition and functioning of the system. A well-composed case study on respiratory system should be informative and detailed. Students will have to study the function of the respiratory system, understand the process of breathing to be able to solve the puzzle of the case and analyze it professionally. Very often the problem of the case is a certain disease connected with respiratory system and a student is expected to find effective solution to the problem. The success of the case depends on the quality of the analysis and the quality of the student’s solutions of the case, so the research should be conducted professionally on order to achieve positive results.

Writing a case study a student should read a lot about the topic under investigation in reliable literary sources to be able to draw sober smart conclusions. Moreover, there is another effective way to collect data and learn something new about the problem. One can read free sample case studies on respiratory system in the Internet and learn how to organize a good paper correctly.

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