Case Study on UNIX Operating System

UNIX Operating System Case Study:

UNIX is a computer operating system, which appeared much earlier than Windows. UNIX was first created by a team of students of one university who wanted to create common databases available for all students of the university. Gradually, the operating system was developed and improved by different students who wanted to make it easier in functioning. Later on, UNIX became quite a popular operating system for special purposes. Even today, it is more widely used for Internet and networking than by individuals at home.

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Many people do not know that the development and creation of the Internet was closely connected with UNIX, as the servers working due to this operating system were the basis for the creation of the Internet. Evidently, the name of UNIX is not known for common PC users, because the operation system has not been created for entertainment but for programmers of different kind.

Students who study information technology should be aware of the way UNIX is functioning and in order to improve their knowledge, teachers offer them to write case studies about this operation system. A well-organized case study should be informative and critical. A student should demonstrate his knowledge of the topic and analyze the suggested problem professionally.

Generally, there is a problem suggested for the analysis, which demands profound research. A student is supposed to investigate the case site, the place where the case or problem occurred and study it from all sides. That will help to determine the cause and effect of the problem and will help to brainstorm effective ways to solve the problem. Most case studies connected with computer operation systems are based on the comparison of several alternative systems and a student has to fond advantages and disadvantages of the chosen problematic systems.

Writing a case study on such a specific topic is quite complicated for students who possess poor knowledge of the discipline or do not have well-developed writing skills. In order to improve knowledge on the topic, one will have to read much about it in various reliable literary sources.

There many articles in scientific publications and encyclopedias dedicated to UNIX and a student should look them through attentively. Moreover, one can read free sample case studies on UNIX operating system and Linux to broaden knowledge and find out new facts about the problem. Such papers will be helpful for students who do not have enough experience to compose the paper correctly. When formatting, logical composition of the paper and professional analysis is the problem for you, take advantage of free example case studies on UNIX operating system in the Internet and broaden your outlook with its help.

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