Case Study on Social Security

Social Security Case Study:

Social security is the system of efforts, policies and strategies which are conducted by the government and various organizations aimed at the maintenance of life, activity and development of the human being. Social security is probably the most important function of the country, because the basic human need is the need of security, peace and guarantee of the stable and secure life.

The government of every country creates its own variants of solutions and decisions which would be useful for the facilitation of peace and security in the society. The system of social security is quite varied and one can define such spheres as: affordable healthcare, affordable education, social insurance, pension, the system of social services, charity, private aid, etc.

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The main task of the government is to help the citizens of its country to survive and maintain their development and improvement of the level of life. It is obvious that the government has to help people with the unfavourable financial background whose income is too little for the normal life.

Such people are provided with the federal or state financial aid aimed at the intensive improvement of the level of their life. The government has the duty to pay attention to every category of citizens, their condition and the level of their life. In many countries the government donates much money from the state budget to make education and health service free for everyone but it is obvious that the quality of such services can not be of the right quality.

The issue of social security is quite interesting for the research and the student is able to observe different approaches towards this problem in different countries and political systems. The student can observe the problem in general and learn about different sides of social security in order to be able to analyze the definite issue suggested for the case study. The student’s duty is to find out about the cause of the need of the social security system in the selected state, focus on its functions and types and then observe the effect of the system on the life of the society and the quality of its life.

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