Case Study on Taking Initiative

Taking Initiative Case Study:

Taking initiative is the act of becoming the active member of the certain process being the creator of the structure and order of the process. Initiative is closely connected with the human psychology and depends on the strength and type of the human character, the circumstances and the responsibility. It is not so easy to take initiative in a certain complicated process with requires experience, knowledge and responsibility, that is why only the strongest ones are able to be called the initiative ones. In the simple understanding, the word combination ‘taking initiative’ means ‘making the first step’.

Taking initiative is the quality of the person which is useful and effective in everyday life, education, career, family, leisure, etc. There is always the person in the couple which is the initiator of the common activity. The initiator in the family is often the leader or the head of the family or the person who possesses the strongest character and is able to take the situation under control.

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The same thing is in business, politics, education and other spheres of the human life. The most active and initiative student is always the best one and he has the opportunity to reveal his talents and skills in all possible activities behind the process of education. Such students are luckier to receive grants and make the successful career. The initiative employee is definitely the most valuable employee in the staff of every company. If one always brainstorms wise ideas and is always ready to act for the sake of the company, he would always be praised and respected.

Taking initiative is the serious and important factor which makes the human be dynamic, active and trains the personal skills and responsibility. The initiator is the one who is confident in his deeds and his success. The student, who is researching the problem of initiative for the case study is supposed to learn the question form the point of view of different disciplines, especially psychology, because the ability of becoming an initiator is closely connected with the human psychics. The case on taking initiative should be a detailed investigation of the problem, its cause and effect and the definition of the importance of initiative there. The student is also able to present a few psychological methods which would be effective to develop the skill of taking initiative.

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