Racial Profiling Case Study

Case Study on Racial Profiling:

Racial profiling is the action of the practising of the means of law enforcement to the person on the basis of her ethnicity or race. Racial profiling exists all over the world and is mainly applied to the representatives on the race which is minor in the country. Naturally, the system of law enforcement in different countries is on the different level but the problem of racial profiling is still a common issue in every country no matter what the condition of the system of law enforcement is and no matter whether the country is rich or poor.

Racial profiling is a serious problem in the US and there are still opponents and supporters of the practice of racial profiling in the country. The supporters of the profiling claim that the practice is positive, because according to the statistics the majority of crimes are committed by the representatives of the certain ethnicities, especially the ones who have the unfavourable financial background and very often the single way out to survive is a crime.

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The problem of racial profiling has become even more widespread after the terroristic acts in different parts of the world committed mainly by the Muslim representatives. No wonder, they are checked scrupulously at the airports, stations and crowded areas. The opponents of racial profiling claim that it is inhumane to suspect someone of being a criminal just because of his ethnicity. The issue is quite controversial and both sides are right and the system of law enforcement has to act selectively and more professionally and objectively detecting a criminal.

Racial profiling is a serious problem which has to be solved adequately. The student who is going to research the case of racial profiling should be as objective as possible in order to prepare a quality investigation of the definite issue. The student should study the roots of the problem of racial profiling and think about the possible policies and methods which can be applied to defeat this problem and make the law enforcement system work more objectively. One is supposed to research the case in detail, interview both sides: the policeman and the suspected criminal and define whether the action of racial profiling has taken place or not.

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