Case Study on Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Case Study:

Therapeutic drug monitoring is the process of detection and measurement of the quantity of medication in the human blood. The process is very important in the sphere of healthcare as the experts who are treating a patient should know whether there is enough medication to cure the disease. Drug monitoring is practised not just to see whether there is enough medication in the organism, but also to make sure that the patient is not overdosed or underdosed with drugs.

Very often it is difficult to define the right dose of drugs for the human organism, because there are personal peculiarities and requirements for the chosen human body. One organism can require much more drugs than the other one, so the procedure of therapeutic drug monitoring becomes very useful in this case. If there is too much medication in the human blood, the test will show it clearly and the doctor will be able to save the patient’s life on time.

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The same thing is underdosing, when the patient requires more drugs to reach the required medical condition. Therapeutic drug monitoring is conducted with the help of different methods, for example, blood testing. The most popular types of medication which are tested during the procedure are the mood changing drugs (for example, antidepressants, which are supposed to help the patient get rid of depression and various anxiety syndromes – overdosing is very dangerous, because some drugs can cause intoxication and death); antibiotics (which are supposed to defeat various viral diseases and infections – overdosing can cause numerous problems including death); antiepileptics; etc.

Therapeutic drug monitoring is the procedure which is expected to measure the quantity of the medication in the human blood. The student can devote some time to the research of the problem and observe the definite case about the issue on therapeutic drug monitoring analyzing the matter from all possible sides. First of all, it is important to collect information about the case and then dwell on the cause and reasons of conducting of therapeutic drug monitoring and its effect.

Moreover, one should pay attention to the strong and weak sides of the process and its usefulness for the human health and physicist’s practice. Finally, the student should solve the problem suggested in the case and compare it with the real solution.

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