Chemical Dependency Case Study

Case Study on Chemical Dependency:

Chemical dependency is the physical and psychological dependency of the human organism on the mood-altering substances, like alcohol, psychotropic drugs, etc. The problem of chemical dependency is quite urgent nowadays, because millions of people all over the world prefer escaping from the reality with the help of various psychotropic and mood-altering substances. The problem is really serious and the global community takes many efforts to improve the situation constructively.

Among the most well-known chemicals which cause dependency are alcohol and different types of drugs (which cause different effect on the human psychics). Chemical dependency carries a great number of problems to the human being – social, health, economic, ethical, etc. First of all, the drug addict has problems with health, because chemicals cause harm to the human heart, brain, digestion system, bones and muscles, etc.

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The human life becomes unbearable without drugs and alcohol, so one has to consume various chemicals frequently in order to feel better. Then, there is ethical side of chemical dependency – the drug addict has to find money for they drugs (which are very expensive) stealing something, committing various crimes, even murder. The social effects of chemical dependency are also tragic, because the person becomes egotistic, she does not care about the others, even about her family, as drugs become the most important and beloved thing for her. As a result, the family is ruined, no one cares about the drug addict, he does not have friends, loses job, money, respect and dignity.

The majority of drug addicts do not live long, because their health is ruined and the majority of such people die at the age of 30.

Chemical dependency is a relevant problem which touches upon all people, in spite of their gender, financial background, ethnicity, territory of life, religious views, etc. The student is able to observe the problem from different sides – psychology, physiology, sociology, anthropology and others. It is important to reveal the matter from all sides in order to answer to the question of the cause and effect of chemical dependency, think about the methods which can be applied to defeat the problem once for all; though the matter is very complicated as drug trafficking is one of the most profitable types of business.

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