Case Study on Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership Case Study:

Transformational leadership is the kind of the behavior used by the employer in business which is aimed at the raise of the motivation and productivity of his employees. Transformational leadership is carried out with the help of the great number of methods, which are mostly based on the human psychology. Every employer should be aware of the human psychology, human behavior to be able to manage his employees and motivate their work.

One of the most widespread methods of transformational leadership is the personal example. The employer can behave like a common co-worker and do the same job like the whole staff and this will help him motivate the work of the employees. Personal example is a strong method, because when one sees another person of a higher rank working hard, he will try to do his best to help the boss and gain his respect.

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There are four essential elements of transformational leadership. The first one is the individualized consideration. The element is based on the individual work of the employer and his employee. The employer speaks to the employee and discusses the quality of his work, presents his strong and weak sides, gives useful advice concerning the improvement of the employee’s work. The second element is the intellectual stimulation. The employer encourages the employee and his creativity, believes that he is able to work well and achieve positive results, if uses his potential. The third element is the inspirational motivation. The leader should encourage his staff and provide people with the appropriate working atmosphere. The last element is the idealized influence, which is characterized with the ideal image of the boss. When employees see that the boss is a hardworking and a wise person, they will respect him and work better.

Transformational leadership is one of the most important factors which can raise the quality and quantity of the work fulfilled by the staff. Young people who want to connect their life with management and business should be aware of all the aspects and secrets of transformational leadership to be able to manage their employees professionally. A good case study in a research of the definite problem connected with the success or the failure of the system of transformational leadership. One should investigate the case and analyze the cause and effect of the problem and present a reasonable conclusion in the end.

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