Case Study on Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D Deficiency Case Study:

Vitamin D deficiency is the low level of vitamin D in the human organism which causes numerous problems with health. It has been studied that vitamin D is mainly gained by consumption of the certain food products and sunlight. When there are certain disorders which prevent the human organism from the extraction of vitamin D from food products and when the sun light is poor, numerous problems can occur. Vitamin D deficiency is caused by the kidney and liver disorders and certain genetic factors. When the organism feels lack of vitamin D, such processes as the reduction of mineralization of bones occur which lead to the serious diseases, which are characterized with the reduced density of bones: rickets among children and osteoporosis among the grown-ups and elderly people. When children do not receive enough vitamin D, their bones are deformed and remain in this condition even when the disease is cured. The grown-ups who suffer from the deficiency of vitamin D feel the changes in the bone system of the body.

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The bones become fragile and their density reduced and the patient feels pain in bones and muscles. The deficiency of vitamin D depends also on numerous factors which seem to be of the lower importance from the first sight. For example, the place of living, the colour of skin, kind of clothes, everything in combination affects the amount of vitamin D received with the sunlight.

Furthermore, the scientists have discovered that the increased amount of vitamin D can be the best prevention of cancer, because according to the results of the experiments the frequency of cancer reduced in 50% due to the increase of the daily amount of vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency is a serious problem which causes numerous diseases and threatens the human life, so it is important to learn about the problem more. A well-organized vitamin D deficiency case study is the detailed investigation of the direct problem conducted by the student. One should dwell on the description of the problem itself, the cause and effect of the vitamin D deficiency and suggest the best solution to the problem relying on the facts which the student has collected for the analysis. In conclusion, the student should explain the danger of vitamin D deficiency and suggest techniques and methods which can prevent this problem.

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