Case Study on Whistleblowing

Case Study on Whistleblowing:

Whistleblowing is the action of delivering of information to the society or the officials about a certain planned illegal action or cheating, which will occur at a public or private institution or commercial organization. Whistleblowing is divided into two types: internal and external.

Internal whistleblowers report about the illegal activity at an organization directly to the representatives of this very institution, mainly to the employees who have higher position and have certain influence in the company.

External whistleblowing is the report about the illegal action to the representatives of the law enforcement services, who will take efforts to prevent the action and punish the ones who have planned to conduct the wrong things.

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Quite a popular way of whistleblowing is connected with the involvement of the mass media. If the whistleblower is afraid for his safety, he not only informs the law enforcement but also makes a public report on TV, in the Internet or in the newspaper. It is very important, because whistleblowers are treated like traitors and become the target of revenge.

If the whistleblower has informed about the illegal and harmful action of a famous corporation, he will surely be chased and even murdered for his ‘betrayal’. The same problem occurs with the political whistleblowers who reveal information which can cause or prevent (it depends on the content of the report) the national and international scandal. Such whistleblowers are protected by the law and many efforts are taken to ensure their security and safety. Whistleblowing is an important action, because if the person is not afraid of revenge and informs the public about any dangerous plans and actions, she should be protected and praised.

Whistleblowing is quite a controversial problem and it is quite difficult to analyze it objectively, nevertheless, students are asked to prepare a good whistleblowing case study and demonstrate their critical thinking skills and knowledge. A good case study should contain the analysis of the topic, the detailed background information about the case which can be very useful for the objective analysis and the methodology of the research. The student should pay attention to the cause of the problem and its consequences. On the basis of these facts he is expected to prepare the most adequate solutions and decisions and summarize the paper well.

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