Cloud Computing Case Study

Case Study on Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). Cloud computing is especially important and useful for business, because enables instant access to the required data for quite a low price. The ”cloud” may be of different types and be available for different audience. The private cloud is available only to a certain single organization. It is used to create a permanent connection between its members or staff and every member has the access to its data. There are also community clouds which connect several organizations who are able to share and exchange data between one another. The number of users is also limited and it helps to maintain security and protection of data. Public cloud resources are available to the general public and serve people in different ways. The best example of a public cloud is Google, which provides instant access to the required data and gives a possibility to keep you own files, like videos, audio files, presentations, documents in the Internet on its servers. Today most people do not keep their documents on their PCs but in the web, because it gives wide opportunities to exchange and protect information.

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A well-organized case study on cloud computing should contain proper description and analysis of the resources and measure their role for the human life. One has to present the history of the development of cloud computing, because at first it was not associated with the Internet and network systems. The topic of cloud computing is quite broad, so in order to create a good case study one has to select a limited problem and find a case from the real life to illustrate it. A case should be properly researched and analyzed. Its reasons and consequences should be presented in detail. The whole attention should be paid to the solution of the problem and its profound analysis.

When a student is required to prepare a good case study, a great number of problems appear. He is expected to conduct high-quality research, provide deep analysis of the types of cloud computing techniques and realize the whole problem of the case in order to draw smart conclusions and value the quality of the solution of the problem. Moreover, the paper requires proper formatting and composition, so students start to panic and look for good help with writing. Generally, the typical way out is to read free examples of case studies on cloud computing and its services in the Internet.

Free samples of case studies on cloud computing will be helpful for every student to get general idea about the paper writing of this kind. Due to a well-structured and properly composed example students will be able to complete their own papers successfully.

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