Product Positioning Case Study

Case Study on Product Positioning:

Core Strategy
Value Proposition
The efforts of the company to develop SpofoKnife make a significant contribution to the promotion of such pursuits as tourism, alpinism and other kinds of outdoor sports activities.

SpofoKnife offers consumers a unique value in that it is:

  • Highly convenient and easy to use: the combination of several devices inside one object facilitates the use of the product
  • Saves time and effort: SpofoKnife is light compared to the kit that includes three objects separately (fork, spoon, knife) and thus easy to carry in a travel bag. Besides, it saves time spent on packing as it bundles several objects together and allows the traveler to spend time on searching for one thing as opposed to three
  • Saves space: SpofoKnife is easy to store in a bag and saves space for a traveler who wants to use storage space in one’s bag efficiently
  • Is safe: the design and positioning of the three parts makes the product safe is use, which has been proven by numerous tests. Also, the absence of moving parts makes the product safe to use as compared to its competitors

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  • Is highly hygienic: SpofoKnife is a one-piece object and thus is easy to clean and unlikely to get soiled by various particles and bacteria that are then difficult to remove
  • SpofoKnife aims at building in the minds of the consumers the image of convenience and efficiency, combined with reliability and durability that will grab the attention of the buyer, and will have “more than identity”, a brand that has a personality (Brand loayalty’s influence on consumer behavior).

Product Positioning
SpofoKnife is a product that strives to offer a quick and easy solution to travelers, especially those who are forced into making trips in the wild, natural environment. SpofoKnife offer an efficient, handy solution to those who want to make a one-time purchase so as to save money, time and effort in the future. As SpofoKnife offers good value for money, the product will be positioned in the middle of the market stretching out to the high end.

SpofoKnife may also be targeted at those who want to make a small present for their friends and relatives, for example, those who are engaging in such pursuits as tourism and alpinism.

SpofoKnife will attempt to enter the market for eating utensils by starting out as a market follower and try to “find an unoccupied position where it can be first”. Our brand will not strive to build its position by trying to “appeal to everyone”, instead it will attempt to become “an entrenched leader in its own niche (Ries 1981).

As SpofoKnife will use quality materials, it will likely be somewhat more expensive than the existing market products. In this case, the price of the product will most likely shift it to the higher market end as price serves as “an indicator of value to many consumers” who can “tell your rank simply from the price” (Smith 1998). The goal of SpofoKnife producers will be to persuade the customers that the brand offer good value for their money, so that perceived value outweighs the expenses.

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