How to Write a Case Study on a Company

Tips on Writing a Case Study on any Company:

A case study is a profound research on a very limited topic and the student should be aware about the slightest peculiarities of the process of writing in order to succeed in this assignment. Very often a business or management case study is about the activity of the definite company and below there are useful and professional case study writing tips on a company, which demonstrate the right way of the organization of the text.

  1. Learn about the Structure of the Case StudyEvery assignment has its own definite structure, format and rules of writing, so it is important to get to know about all the peculiarities of the organization of the text, chapters in the paper in order to avoid unpredictable failure and numerous revisions. Discuss the case study with the professor and learn about all the technical and informative aspects of the assignment.
  2. Start Collecting Data about the CompanyIf the case study is based on the analysis of a certain company, the student will need to find as much important facts about the company as possible. First of all one should learn about the basic facts related with the company: the founders, history, production, executives, position of the international market, management, business policy, corporate structure, success and failure, etc. It is extremely important to know the background information about the company, otherwise one will never manage to research the definite problem related with it objectively. In the end you can find free case study examples however they are plagiarized.
  3. Study the CaseThe case is a problem which has occurred in the company or with its product. The best way to research the case is to read the articles of the famous experts in this field, interview the employees of the company and use other sources which can provide one with the objective information. The main stages of the research of the case are the detection of the cause and effect of the certain problem. The student is supposed to evaluate all the factors which have caused the problem, understand why and how they have caused it and then evaluate the consequences.
  4. Solve the CaseThe duty of the student is not to simply describe the case but solve it using the knowledge and professional skills which have been trained during the years of studying. Evaluating the case on the company it is important to understand the real cause of the problem. Processing the information about the activity of the company, its history, management, etc the student tries to understand the weak sides of the company and brainstorms the most adequate solutions to the existing problem. The solution reflects the student’s knowledge and managerial skills.
  5. Conclude the Case ObjectivelyHaving researched the case about the company, the student is supposed to summarize the problem well drawing the certain conclusions. It is obvious that the research is the useful experience and one should state this fact concluding the paper and writing about the strong and weak sides of the research and the achievements.

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