Tips on Writing a Case Study for a Dissertation

How to Write a Case Study for a Dissertation:

Dissertation writing is the most complicated assignment the student would ever have to write, so it is important to learn about the process of writing a lot to succeed in it from the first attempt. A dissertation is a complex paper which embraces the student’s experience, knowledge accumulated during the years of studying and creativity. In order to understand how to complete a quality case study for a dissertation, the student can take advantage of the basic case study for a dissertation guidelines designed to make his work easier.

  1. Choose the Right Topic for a Case Study: In order to succeed in case study writing, remember that it has a very important influence on the dissertation, so try to select the topic which would be really captive and fascinating, as every dissertation paper is supposed to be thought provoking and bring something new into the discipline. The case researched for the dissertation, should be interesting, related with the major problem of the research and demonstrate the student’s ability to analyze things professionally.
  2. Collect Information about the Case: The case is a certain problem which has occurred somewhere or it is a profound analysis of a famous person, place, event, phenomenon, etc. The only important thing is that the problem is narrow and requires deep knowledge and hard work in order to research the case from all sides and solve the problem efficiently. The best sources for information are text books, encyclopaedias, periodicals containing reliable articles about the problem and of course, the Internet sources. There are also free sample case studies online.
  3. Find the Cause and Effect: A case study is not a simple presentation of the facts and reliable evidence for the dissertation, but a serious analysis of the reason of the certain problem or phenomenon described in the case and its consequences for the society, the company, the individual, policy, business, science, etc. The research and presentation of these two components is the main task of every student.
  4. Solve the Problem Effectively: After the student has learnt about the cause and effect of the problem, it is time to demonstrate his experience and professional skills to solve the puzzle well. Naturally, the case study for a dissertation is written on the major subject, so the professor will evaluate the student’s ability to apply the accumulated knowledge on practice. In order to solve the problem, one will need to use the appropriate methods and techniques. The choice of the methods also plays a very important role in the result of the paper.
  5. Conclude the Paper and Relate It with the Dissertation: Having completed the case study the student summarizes the achievements and discusses what problems have been faced and how he has managed to cope with them. Being the part of the dissertation, the case study should demonstrate how it influences the quality of the research of the broad topic of the dissertation and what the approximate results of the investigation will be.

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