Oral Communication Case Study

Case Study on Oral Communication:

Oral communication is the process of communication which is carried out with the help of the human tongue when the language is spoken aloud. Communication is a very important and probably prominent human skill which enables one to survive in the human society, because without communication all the processes connected with share of experience and education and simply work for the common aim is impossible. Oral communication is supposed to be the major way of communication and of course it the oldest type of communication, because writing and drawing appeared thousands of years after people had learnt to speak with one another. This way of communication enabled people to find a common language, unite into the groups and tribes, share their knowledge and skills with one another for the work for the sake of tribe and its inhabitants.

People could work, hunt and solve various problems only due to oral communication and nowadays its importance has not reduces.

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In spite of the fact, that today people can write emails, SMS, instant messages, communicate through the social networks, the importance of the live speech is still enormous, because it is far easier and faster to say something than to write it. Moreover, oral communication is more live and unites people, because when one reads a dry text, he will not see the human emotions, the body language, etc. And vice versa, when two people talk with each other, they can build the certain contact, treating one another more positively, or on the contrary – more negatively – it depends on the situation and on the human character and style of speech.

Oral communication is the main tool of the human cooperation and the main factor which makes the existence of the human society possible. The student has the chance to observe the topic about oral communication evaluating its importance for the humanity and discussing its strong and weak sides in the case study. The case study is supposed to contain information about the issue under research, so one has to collect as many arguments on the importance of oral communication as possible.

Moreover, it is wise to dwell on the cause and effect of the problem on communication and generate a constructive solution to the matter.

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