Physical Disability Case Study

Case Study on Physical Disability:

Physical disability is the state of the human body which is characterized with the problems of the human mobility, dysfunctions of the human organs and dysfunctions of one’s dexterity. The majority of people understand physical disability as the problems with muscles, bones and joints which prevent the human being from walking and limit her motor skills, though the spectrum of physical disabilities is much wider. For example, people can suffer from cardiovascular problems or respiratory problems which prevent one from healthy breathing. Moreover, one can suffer from partial or total blindness which is supposed to be much more serious disability than the motor dysfunctions.

Besides, there are people with hearing disabilities, who can not percept information from the surrounding world with the help of their ears. Physical disabilities of different types are caused by different factors.

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The most widespread factors, which cause disability of various kinds, are heredity and various genetic disorders, which are characterized with genetic mutations which change the structure of the genes and make the person disabled. Then, some disabilities occur during the birth of the baby if the process was complicated.

For example, the baby could be deprived of oxygen for the long period of time and it could cause harm to his brain. Finally, the baby could have become injured during birth and the injuries turned into the permanent disability. Physical disabilities cause harm not just to the human health but to the process of socialization and interpersonal communication. Such people often feel uncomfortable in the society, because they differ from the rest of people. In order to prevent such psychological pressure disabled people are provided with work and are involved into various social events which help them communicate with the surrounding world without barriers.

Physical disability is the problem which causes harm to the human motor skills and senses of perception preventing them from the quality lifestyle. The young professional who has chosen to prepare a well-structured and interesting physical disability case study can succeed in writing if he learns about the issue a lot, collects information about the case and dwells on the discovery of the cause and effect of the problem on disability. Moreover, it is essential for the student to solve the given problem effectively demonstrating his creativity and professionalism.

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