Case Study about Classroom Situation

Classroom Situation Case Study:

Classroom situation is the complex of events, students’ behaviour at the classroom and the teacher’s decisions on resolution of the problems of different kinds which occur there. Naturally, every class its own problems with behaviour, organization, interpersonal relations, etc and the teacher’s duty is to make the educational process logical, informative and as useful as possible.

The most common tough classroom situations are connected with the students’ attitude towards one another and the teacher-students relations. First of all, every class has troubles and conflicts between the groups of students. There is always a student or two who feel neglected and who are mocked at by the rest of students. The teacher should know how to resolve such conflicts and how to improve the psychological condition of the students who are not popular at their classroom.

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There are special techniques which can help improve the student’s mood and probably make him more sociable and self-confident. Then, there are cases when the student has problems with education and his progress is poor, so the teacher has to devote more time to this student and support him with the advice and special courses which would be suitable for him. Finally, there are troubles connected with teacher-student conflicts, when the student does not respect his teacher and makes everything possible to make the teacher’s life difficult. A smart and experienced teacher knows how to find approach towards such a student and win respect from his side. The list of tough classroom situations is very long but the solution to these matters is actually the same – personal professional approach and care from the teacher’s side.

Classroom situation is the set of problems which can occur at classroom and the teacher is expected to be aware about the techniques of problem resolution. The young person can prepare a well-structured case study reading about the chosen classroom situation, analyzing the participants of the case, the cause and effect of the problem which has occurred at the classroom and think about its solution. One should dwell on the objective analysis of the case in order to demonstrate his knowledge and skills suggesting the quality solution which can defeat the existing problem in the constructive way.

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